Expertise and Analytics to Answer Complex Environmental and Health Challenges

Since 1988, EH&E has been known for its achievements in the risk sciences, advancing knowledge and best practices to resolve complex environmental and human health challenges. Our professionals are nationally recognized leaders with advanced certifications in their respective fields. Our scientists and engineers have expertise in a diverse range of disciplines including toxicology, biology, epidemiology, environmental science, occupational health, industrial hygiene, air quality, chemistry, and hydrogeology, among others.

EH&E is exceptionally skilled at analyzing and synthesizing data and disparate pieces of information into meaningful conclusions that allow our clients to make informed decisions. We are able to effectively communicate technically complex, evidence-based conclusions to a broad range of stakeholders both verbally and in written documents.

We have applied this specialized knowledge and our extensive research resources to successfully aid clients with a variety of services:

  • Exposure modeling
  • Fate and transport assessments
  • Mathematical modeling and quantitative analysis
  • Worker exposure assessment and development of risk-based criteria to protect workers
  • Risk characterization, assessment and management
  • Product performance testing with respect to human health impact
  • Dose-response assessments

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