Energy Optimization

EH&E offers a turn-key service designed to improve the performance and efficiency of energy-intensive systems for all types of buildings. We bring to every project a holistic perspective that ensures the right balance of energy usage for even the most critical environments, without compromising occupant wellbeing or other vital criteria.

Better still, the EH&E optimization program prioritizes low-cost improvements. Our team focuses on identifying opportunities to improve the performance of existing systems by extending equipment life, reducing maintenance calls, and lowering energy consumption. This energy optimization works fits seamlessly into organizations’ larger goals of minimizing operating expenses, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigating risk.

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We prioritize energy optimization for safer upgrades

By prioritizing energy optimization over energy reduction, we are able to advise on solutions that put human comfort, building performance, and occupant safety first. Every adjustment made to energy-intensive systems has the potential to impact building conditions. That’s why our approach is committed to mitigating the potential for negative impacts, especially in critical environments like hospitals and laboratories.

EH&E’s diverse array of experts spans multiple groups within our organization, blending insight from our best-in-class professional engineers, certified industrial hygienists, scientists, safety professionals, regulatory consultants, and analytics experts helps. This broad perspective informs our understanding of potential impacts that changes to a building might have, and ensures that safety guides our every action. Our experts stand ready to be called upon for risk assessments, forensic engineering, safety due diligence, regulatory compliance, and more, as the situation demands. This holistic approach to energy optimization helps organizations confidently move forward with measures to right-size their energy usage.

The path toward greater operational value

The first step to effective optimization is gaining visibility into the current state of energy usage across your facility or portfolio. Our team achieves this by collecting utility data, evaluating the building’s energy systems, reviewing operational practices, and establishing an energy benchmark. With this insight into current performance, EH&E can help an organization identify adjustments that will right-size energy usage, almost always leading to significant energy savings and emissions reductions.

This optimization effort prioritizes solutions that maximize the performance of existing equipment through low-cost adjustments and minor fixes. No capital equipment investments are required to see savings, although our team can deliver recommendations to help clients in those terms as well. Moreover, EH&E helps organizations implement changes and concludes each project with a verification phase that confirms implemented changes are operating as intended to deliver all of the planned value. Clients walk away with an optimized building, transparent documentation, and value that exceeds operational cost savings alone.

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