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Data is at the heart of strategic decision-making today, but a clear strategy for reaching environmental goals requires more than just data. EH&E helps clients think through their objectives, understand the data that they have, identify gaps that may exist, and develop ways to obtain supplementary information to resolve any gaps. This comprehensive approach to assessing data allows organizations to analyze, communicate, and utilize this information to effectively support their strategic goals.

Comprehensive environmental analysis that supports the fast pace of change

Decisions shouldn’t be made in a silo. That’s why clients use EH&E’s expert analysis: to inform strategy and guide rapid progress toward environmental goals.

Our team of experts begin each environmental analysis by compiling data across a wide range of relevant sources, identifying patterns and trends across disparate pieces of information. We harmonize data and information in compliance with quality assurance best practices that prevent inaccuracy and reduce redundancies. With the support of automated analytics solutions, our team can rapidly process complex information for a timely turnaround that supports the fast pace of clients’ business needs.

Turn data into action with the right communication strategy

Get more from your environmental analysis research when you share it in a way that is most meaningful for your stakeholders. Our experts are well versed in communicating technically complex, evidence-based conclusions to a broad range of interested parties. We deliver information in the manner best suited for your needs, including but not limited to:

  • Developing comprehensive reports that provide appropriate context and deliver accurate information to support decision making.
  • Making presentations to community stakeholders to deliver factual information in a transparent manner, address stakeholder concerns, and build opportunities for constructive dialogue and trust-based relationships.
  • Authoring articles that share emerging insight for peer-reviewed journals.
  • Developing internal- and external-facing dashboards that share operation, performance, and other relevant parameters.
  • Providing automated text, email, or app-based notifications that are released when pre-established criteria are met.

Let your information do more with a tailored approach to research, analysis and communications. Contact EH&E to craft your approach today.

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