Environmental Compliance and Management

With ever-changing regulatory requirements, it can be challenging to ensure environmental compliance, especially during a construction project or property sale. EH&E helps building owners, managers, and other stakeholders identify potential environmental liabilities, develop strategies to address these issues, and prevent reporting and permitting omissions in a manner that aligns with clients’ business priorities.

EH&E’s interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers holds broad expertise that enables our team to investigate a wide range of environmental compliance issues. Through our assessment process, EH&E can investigate hazardous materials and issues related to both the property and the built environment. In the event a potential hazard is identified, our field teams can also take the next steps in inspection or sampling to verify the hazard. Because our multidisciplinary team are well-versed in all related regulatory requirements as well as building systems and performance, we can also advise on solutions that mitigate issues as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible. 

This combination of services helps clients save time and money, supports information-based decision making and prevents the unintentional release of hazards during redevelopment that could later become a larger problem. 

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Our environmental compliance and management services include:
Construction Air Quality Monitoring

EH&E’s automated construction air quality monitoring services give construction teams and building owners early warning and time to respond to potential exposure issues before they become a problem. Through alerts and access to a custom dashboard, stakeholders can access key environmental monitoring data to differentiate construction impacts from sources unrelated to the project. The result is a safer environment for all building occupants and fewer costly construction delays for project owners. 

Environmental Compliance Gap Assessment

An environmental compliance gap assessment is a cost-effective way to identify potential compliance issues and operational vulnerabilities. EH&E’s experts can help organizations identify these risks and make recommendations on how to get back on track. With our support, organizations find they can mitigate the risk of costly findings and expensive reactive strategies and enhance their compliance strategies going forward.

Environmental Due Diligence

A comprehensive environmental due diligence assessment provides insight into potential environmental liabilities and allows for stronger master planning and more informed real estate decisions for buyers, sellers, and banks. EH&E provides customized evaluations, redevelopment planning, and support services that align clients’ evaluation processes and goals. Services range from preliminary limited assessments to more comprehensive evaluations using standard assessment tools or specialty offerings that get to the heart of your specific needs. 

Environmental Regulatory Compliance & Permitting

Avoid the serious consequences associated with noncompliance, including fines, inspections, costly litigation, and productivity loss due to shutdowns. EH&E can develop strategies and solutions to meet your current regulatory requirements and help maintain long-term compliance through continuous monitoring and reporting programs. Our services are based on a thorough understanding of local, state, and federal permitting processes and compliance laws, gained through years of extensive, hands-on work in complex regulatory environments. 

Hazardous Materials Assessment & Management

EH&E’s team of experienced and certified professionals are equipped to assess your sites and manage storage of hazardous materials ranging from asbestos, lead-based paint, and PCBs to contaminants unique to healthcare, laboratory, or industrial environments. We also support notifications and negotiations with federal, state and local regulatory agencies to ensure compliance for your materials management program. Whether you’re evaluating property or a change in processes, EH&E’s multidisciplinary team can help you reduce your risk.

Remediation Design, Monitoring & Oversight

EH&E helps building owners and managers assess and identify the hazardous materials on their property and in their buildings in order to develop a tailored remediation plan. Our professionals’ insight comes from years of experience in the remediation of environmental media including soil, groundwater and air, as well as hazardous building materials such as asbestos, lead, mercury, mold and PCBs. Our goal is to develop and implement safe, cost-effective strategies that eliminate or contain identified sources of concern and ensure compliance with all applicable state, federal and local regulations.

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