Data Visualization and Dashboards

EH&E helps clients make data more accessible with environmental data visualization tools and dashboards tailored to fit their unique needs. We pride ourselves on an adaptable approach that helps clients track the data that matters most to them in a clear format that provides the greatest value. Through our ongoing maintenance and support, clients gain the advantage of up-to-date insight that drives their highest levels of performance.

Use dashboards to accelerate progress and decision-making

Our clients use environmental data visualization tools to support a wide range of needs.

  • Set out-of-range parameters to trigger an alert for action.
  • Create more comprehensive records to simplify compliance reporting.
  • Deliver useful site characterization data via detailed mapping and infographics to regulatory or community stakeholders.
  • Share real-time insight and historic tracking around environmental parameters such as energy usage, water consumption, outdoor air quality metrics, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Your environmental data can be filtered into internal-facing dashboards that guide operational decisions as well as external-facing data dashboards that provide transparency in the management of specific environmental goals.

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Capture the data that matters most

Our team works closely with clients to capture the metrics of most value to the organization and develop a platform that best communicates this information to relevant stakeholders. Thanks to EH&E’s muti-disciplinary expertise, we can help finetune the parameters best suited to support your goals. Through an iterative approach, we ensure the end result achieves the desired value.

Let your data do more with the right visualization approach. Contact EH&E to build a dashboard or data visualization tool today.

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