Environmental health, energy, and sustainability analytics to cultivate healthier environments

With access to more data than ever, organizations can find it challenging to sort through the noise and turn information into actionable insight. This is where EH&E provides an edge. We deliver the valuable insights clients need through environmental health, energy, and sustainability analytics that allow organizations to comprehensively deal with their toughest facility challenges. The result: operations and facilities that achieve a higher and more impactful level of performance.

More holistic analysis with an integrated approach

EH&E brings to every analytics engagement expansive expertise that covers occupational health, industrial hygiene, epidemiology, biosafety, engineering, and IT solutions. This allows us to approach clients’ unique challenges through a multi-discipline lens to create more holistic and impactful solutions.

Our team brings with them the resources clients need to get their arms around a wide range of critical health and safety data. This process begins by sourcing the information of greatest value, then harmonizing data through the integration of disparate streams of data necessary to provide comprehensive and meaningful analyses and insights.

With our broad base of expertise, we integrate a range of automated solutions that support a rapid turnaround to clients’ analysis needs, even when processing highly complex information from numerous sources. This offers clients critical, timely data to make the right decisions about keeping people and communities safe.

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Our environmental health, energy, and sustainability analytics services include:
Data Visualization and Dashboards

EH&E helps make data more accessible. We tailor environmental data visualization tools and dashboards to help organizations track the data that matters most to them in a format that provides the clearest insight to stakeholders. When paired with our ongoing maintenance and support, organizations can count on up-to-date insight to elevate performance.

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Exposure and Risk Analysis

EH&E’s team is uniquely equipped to identify, anticipate, evaluate, manage and respond to hazards spanning a wide range of environments, materials, and products. Once risks are identified, our scientists and engineers can make recommendations for how best to move forward. This comprehensive approach helps organizations maintain compliance, optimize environments, communicate findings, support research, and keep people safe.

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Exposure Assessment

EH&E supports organizations with data-driven exposure assessments that identify potential hazards early. With a combination of proven methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies, our multidisciplinary team measures current conditions, models past or potential future exposures, and weighs results against meaningful benchmarks. Clients use this data to guide the development of safety protocols, policies, and interventions.

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Human Health Risk Analysis

Before you make a change to policy or processes, EH&E can help you mitigate the risks. We provide regulatory bodies, municipalities, and organizations of all types and sizes with data-based insights to mitigate impact to human health. Our unique cross-section of environmental health experts, epidemiologists, and data scientists help organizations understand health impacts at the granular level of detail required.

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Product Stewardship

Gain the insight you need to deliver safe and effective products to market. Our adaptable testing approach encompasses life-cycle simulations, in-house testing, and in-the-field evaluations that meet ASTM standards and other relevant regulatory measures. We’ve served federal and private clients with testing based on rigorous science and designed to withstand the closest scrutiny.

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Research, Analysis and Communications

Clients use EH&E’s expert analysis to inform strategy and speed progress towards targeted environmental goals. Our comprehensive research identifies meaningful trends across all relevant sources of data. Paired with our communications services, organizations can count on sharing their environmental health, energy, and sustainability analytics data with various audiences in the way that drives the most meaningful response.

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More insights on facility and environmental factors

Our goal is to provide the information clients need in the most useful format. In addition to classic report formats, we can deliver dashboards and data visualization tools that tailor insight to target audience’s needs, and early warning notifications that can trigger the appropriate response to relevant pre-set criteria.

We provide clients with environmental health, energy, and sustainability analytics insight covering a wide range of factors including, but not limited to, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, indoor and outdoor air quality parameters, water consumption, water quality parameters, chemical emissions, and noise and vibration data.

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