COVID-19 Pandemic: Expert Guidance for Safe Work Environments and Business Resiliency

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, organizations are finding themselves in uncharted territory. Important decisions must be made to manage the health and safety of staff and customers while limiting service disruptions as much as possible. Leadership is faced with making these critical decisions using limited resources and sometimes with conflicting information. With the rapidly evolving situation and the barrage of information from various news outlets, we understand it is hard to know what information is accurate and based on scientific, medical and engineering truth.

EH&E is your trusted resource. We provide organizations with accurate information and expert guidance to help navigate these turbulent times. For over 30 years, our business has been helping organizations deliver safe work environments and healthy buildings.  Our team of occupational health and medical professionals, biosafety specialists, industrial hygienists, and engineers apply their expertise in a variety of ways to help organizations through these challenging times.

Our COVID-19 organizational risk management services include:

Healthy Buildings: Assessment, Implementation, Maintenance

  • Indoor air and water quality management
  • HVAC systems and ventilation performance management
  • Space cleaning products and staff competency
  • Office seating and spacing orientation
  • Air and surface cleaning product/process claims evaluation

COVID-19 Ventilation Gap Assessment

  • Expert  guidance to help determine if HVAC systems can support CDC and ASHRAE guidelines to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • Identification of any gaps or limitations, and any potential downside of implementing recommendations.
  • Proactive monitoring to verify system performance and that CDC and ASHRAE guidelines are being met.

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Business Continuity Planning and Response for COVID-19

  • Plan development and tabletop drills
  • All-hazards Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) development

Workforce Health Risk Communications and Personnel Management

  • Medical/occupational health consults for employee health concerns in the workplace

COVID-19 Workspace Cleaning for Health and Disinfection Plans

  • Environmental cleaning for health and decontamination expertise in the event an occupant is suspect of exposure/confirmed positive for COVID-19
  • Preventative cleaning for facilities at higher risk of infection or in need of proactive measures to protect occupants

Respirator Fit Testing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Consult on appropriateness for respirators and PPE in the workplace – employer- or employee-supplied
  • Training and competency evaluations for employer-supplied respirators
  • Advise on N95 respirators to identify products that are certified and legitimate and appropriate alternative options

We also offer support for the specialized needs of the healthcare, research and higher education sectors.

  • Hospital and temporary treatment area startup for COVID-19 patients
  • Laboratory safety and biosafety considerations for clinical and research operations using COVID-19 virus