Mold and Moisture Assessment

EH&E can respond quickly to identify the source of moisture / mold damage, determine the extent of the damage, and characterize potential exposures. Throughout the moisture and mold assessment and remediation efforts, EH&E can manage your risk communication program to communicate complex information to stakeholders. We’ve conducted hundreds of moisture and mold assessments nation-wide in a variety of building types including hospitals, laboratories, hotels and resorts, sporting and entertainment venues, office space and academic facilities.

Our services include:

  • Building and mechanical systems inspection.
  • Field sampling and analysis.
  • Remediation design, monitoring and oversight.
  • Clearance criteria development and testing.
  • Risk communication and management.

Mold and Moisture Management during Construction

Many things can impact cost and schedule during construction – mold and water-damage does not have to be one of them. Water intrusion and wet processes are part of construction; an effective moisture and mold management program during the project anticipates these activities and prevents costly remediation and schedule delays.

EH&E’s mold experts understand the complexities of the construction environment and can help you minimize the impact of moisture on your construction project with a variety of services.

  • Review of contractor-supplied moisture and mold management plans.
  • Review material specified for use in the building to ensure that appropriate materials are used in areas subject to elevated moisture.
  • Procedures for addressing moisture / mold-impacted building materials.
  • Construction team training on preparing for and responding to moisture issues.
  • Site inspections during construction to identify potential moisture and mold conditions.