Automated Construction Air Quality Monitoring

EH&E’s automated construction air quality monitoring program offers the capability to collect continuous, live environmental monitoring data during construction and renovation. This allows EH&E to respond to a potential exposure issue at the time it happens – before it becomes a problem.

EH&E’s response team of scientists and engineers efficiently and quickly track the source of the issue and implement modifications (construction practices, ventilation systems), if needed, to protect occupants and resources. Access to real-time information helps the response team quickly differentiate potential construction impacts from sources unrelated to the project, avoiding costly and unnecessary delays and work stoppages while ensuring air quality is maintained at all times.

Our program includes custom dashboards to provide stakeholders with ready access to key environmental monitoring data so they can track the progress of the project. Separate dashboards can be made for building occupants and the surrounding community to keep them informed – this direct communication creates transparency and helps build trust among the various parties.

Automated air quality monitoring during construction helps:

  • Avoid costly, unexpected project shutdowns and delays
  • Reduce calls from concerned occupants / neighboring community
  • Protect the safety of occupants and the surrounding community
  • Save valuable time for your institution’s personnel by eliminating false alarms
  • Minimize liability