Safely Ensuring Building System Performance & Energy Savings

Design standards and performance requirements are continually evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing technologies used in laboratories. Proper operation of building systems in laboratories is vital to protecting workers, the surrounding community and critical research. Commissioning is an essential risk management strategy as it ensures systems are purchased, installed, and perform as intended, and it validates that containment measures are in-place and operating properly.

Lab Energy Optimization: How to Do it Safely
EH&E’s commissioning engineers specialize in high-performance environments and have a complete understanding of research operations and their unique requirements. Our engineers are supported by a broad range of professionals in specialized disciplines who can quickly be called upon for expert support. This is especially valuable for research facilities, where environmental health and safety or biosafety expertise is critical to the success of the project.

Commissioning is Critical to Validating Containment in the Biosafety Level-3 Environment
Safety and containment are paramount in laboratory facilities. EH&E’s combination of engineering and safety expertise ensures our clients achieve optimal performance and energy savings while simultaneously ensuring safety.

EH&E offers:

  • MEP Building Systems Commissioning
  • New Construction Commissioning
  • Existing Building / Re-Commissioning
  • Laboratory Energy Optimization:
    Risk Assessments / Control Banding
  • HVAC Design Review
  • HVAC Investigations
  • Mission-Critical Facilities Commissioning:
    Research Laboratories
    BSL-3 Laboratories