Expert Review of Health & Safety Compliance and Facilities Management Programs

Audits serve an increasingly valuable role in healthcare, helping to leverage resources, maximize operational performance, mitigate risks and improve patient care. An objective review of performance and compliance gives you the information needed to make confident, informed and timely decisions.

EH&E’s healthcare team specializes in assessing facilities management and environmental health and safety compliance performance. We conduct a structured, methodical review of all aspects of your program including procedures and policies, resources and staffing levels, and your reporting structure to ensure relevant requirements are met and to evaluate effectiveness. Your program is benchmarked against healthcare institutions of similar size and complexity, so that you know how you measure-up against your peers.

EH&E will identify strengths and weaknesses in your program and rank their importance based on risk to life and safety of patients and workers, compliance and legal risks, and risks to your institution and brand. Our healthcare compliance and facilities operations experts will create a roadmap for the best way to improve your program and achieve your goals. And we can help you expedite and streamline the process of implementation, either by coaching your staff, or by taking on responsibility for implementation for you.

With 30 years’ experience working with hospital facilities and safety departments, we know the common barriers that impede success and how to overcome them. Learn more about our team.