Colleges and universities recognize the value of commissioning and re-commissioning for their cost and energy saving benefits. Campuses encompass a wide variety of building types, laboratories, dormitories, data centers, cafeterias and mixed-use facilities that house multiple functions. Colleges and universities need facilities that are built and maintained to last.

EH&E’s commissioning team has extensive experience in the higher education sector, commissioning new and existing buildings for public and private academic institutions. EH&E offers commissioning, re-commissioning and energy optimization services that deliver:

  • Maximum HVAC system performance and energy savings.
  • Operational confidence that all building systems are fully functioning as an integrated whole – not just at the individual component level.
  • Optimized performance services that maximize HVAC system performance and energy savings.
  • Reduced lifecycle building costs and assurance that critical building systems will operate with minimal to no downtime.
  • Improved indoor environmental comfort which will in turn reduce occupant complaints.
  • Hands-on facilities staff training and verification that all required documentation is transferred upon project completion.