Risk Free, Guaranteed Energy Savings for Laboratory and Healthcare Facilities

Laboratory and healthcare facilities rank as the two highest energy consumers when compared to other industries. Laboratory, biotech, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are intensive energy users largely due to their demanding ventilation requirements. Healthcare facilities operate 24/7 and also have unique ventilation requirements to address infection control needs.

EH&E offers a turn-key service designed to maximize system performance and energy efficiency of high energy-use facilities such as hospitals and research facilities with laboratories. It combines EH&E’s engineering and safety expertise in these critical environments with project and financial management oversight to provide a low cost and risk-free path to sustainable energy savings.

  • No capital equipment investment – Our optimization program focuses on maximizing the performance of existing equipment through key low-cost adjustments and minor mechanical fixes.
  • Budget-neutral financing – We structure payments to coincide with energy savings and work directly with local utilities to maximize incentives for you.
  • Fast payback – Optimization projects typically have a simple payback of less than one year.
  • Guaranteed savings – We guarantee 10% or more in energy savings on each project. Savings calculations are verified by third parties including utilities and independent engineering firms.

The EH&E optimization program identifies and implements low-cost opportunities that will improve system performance, extend equipment life, reduce maintenance calls and save energy. EH&E will also commission the project when complete to ensure energy savings and safety compliance.