Building Commissioning Services: Complex Problem Solving for Optimal Performance

EH&E’s independent, third-party building commissioning services helps owners ensure and optimize their cost investment in a facility. EH&E’s combined commissioning and building forensics experience means we have extensive knowledge of why systems fail and the types of problems that occur in buildings after occupancy. And we can help you avoid them.

Leveraging their expertise in all aspects of a building life cycle, EH&E engineers meticulously review new and existing construction to ensure your structure is operationally proficient and working as originally intended or currently required. We employ an “inchstone” management approach for every project. We identify and carefully track key indicators (inchstones) within the existing construction milestones for better scheduling oversight and early warning of problems so corrections can be made more easily and inexpensively.

EH&E has a successful history of resolving the engineering challenges encountered in complex building systems and environments such as those found in health and science facilities. Commissioning facilities such as hospitals and research laboratories requires understanding of their unique operations and compliance requirements. Our team specializes in these mission-critical facilities where the stakes are higher and verifying system performance is essential.

We Guarantee Performance and Quantifiable Results

EH&E has commissioned more than 25 million square feet of commercial and institutional construction throughout the Northeast. The value our team brings to each project guarantees optimal performance, regulatory adherence, quantifiable results, and complete peace of mind.

EH&E has the full breadth of expertise that you need for successful building commissioning. Learn more about our team or contact us directly.

EH&E’s Commissioning Services

  • MEP Building Systems
  • New Construction Commissioning and Existing Building Commissioning
  • Energy Optimization
  • HVAC Design Review
  • Traditional and Mission-Critical Facilities
    • Research Laboratories
    • GMP Facilities
    • cGMP Facilities
    • BSL-3 Laboratories
    • Vivaria
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • LEED Designs

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