Indicator Tracking Dashboards to Monitor Performance of COVID-19 Plans

Organizations in all sectors have worked tirelessly to develop COVID-19 plans to control spread of the virus and prevent outbreaks among their communities. Once these plans are in-place, how does leadership know that the plan is effective? Is there compliance with the plan? Does your organization have the metrics needed to make critical decisions about whether it is safe to maintain business operations, or in the case of a school, to continue in-person classes?

EH&E helps organizations answer these critical questions through interactive, visual dashboards that monitor key components of your organization’s COVID-19 plan. They can also be designed to track indicators of SARS-CoV-2 penetration into your local communities such as trends in the daily number of new cases and percentage of positive tests in your state, county, city or town.

Pulling key data from numerous sources and formats, the dashboard provides a clear picture of your plan’s status and performance in single location. As the pandemic continues to unfold, ready access to current, accurate information for informed decision-making is vital.

Below are a few demos illustrating the dashboards we’ve designed to help our clients monitor their programs giving them confidence in its performance and in their decision-making.

Monitoring COVID-19 Plan Performance for Academic Institutions

Schools, colleges and universities have been a major focus and concern during the pandemic. Across the country institutions have taken varying approaches from remote learning, in-person classes to a hybrid approach, seeking to address the concerns of teachers, parents and students. This dashboard visually summarizes key indicators of performance within the institution and also within the region.

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Regional Monitoring of COVID-19

Many organizations, such as hospitals and schools, are at risk of being greatly impacted by the presence of the virus in their community. This dashboard presents metrics such as daily new cases, percent positivity, hospital capacity allowing you to view and compare trends at the state level or drill down by county or city and town. In addition to clients, EH&E’s own team uses this dashboard to inform our work and advise our clients with their COVID-19 plans.

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