Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment

For over 30 years, EH&E has been recognized as the leader in indoor environmental quality (IEQ) assessment and in providing optimal IEQ management strategies for a variety of building types. We have served as the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) prime indoor air quality (IAQ) research contractor and conducted thousands of IEQ investigations across the US.

Indoor environmental quality issues can paralyze a business if unresolved or simply ignored. A fast and competent assessment coupled with effective risk communication can minimize business disruption and the cost of repairs. Because IEQ is affected by many complex, interrelated factors including building systems, space use activities, and management practices, EH&E has highly trained professionals in industrial hygiene, toxicology, engineering, chemistry, environmental science, and related fields that can be drawn upon as needed in any situation.

As important as the science supporting the indoor environmental quality assessment is the risk communication among stakeholders, including management and occupants. EH&E’s IEQ services are designed to help building owners and managers develop an effective strategy that identifies and addresses people’s perceptions about environmental risk in a facility.

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IEQ services include:

  • Review mechanical system documentation.
  • Perform a building survey and an inspection of the HVAC system.
  • Monitor building performance parameters (e.g., temperature relative humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide).
  • Monitor environmental parameters (e.g., particulates, airborne contaminants, volatile organic compounds [vocs], formaldehyde).
  • Analyze and document building survey findings and monitoring results.
  • Recommendations for strategies to identify and mitigate IEQ issues.
  • Clearly communicate and address perceived risks with management and staff, if needed.