Remediation Design, Monitoring and Oversight

EH&E has a team of highly-trained professionals who have the knowledge and years of work-related experience to design, manage and oversee the remediation of soil and groundwater and hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mold and PCBs (poly-chlorinated biphenyls). We can help building owners and managers assess and identify what hazardous materials may be present on their property and in their buildings. We work with organizations to develop and implement cost-effective strategies and solutions to eliminate or contain identified sources of concern. EH&E also provides professional services to ensure that during remediation, the health and safety of workers and occupants is protected at all times and in compliance with any applicable state, federal and local regulations.

Our range of services includes:

  • Site inspection, field sampling, analysis and interpretation of sample results.
  • Design and supervision of measurement and analysis programs for regulatory reporting and compliance.
  • Documentation of hazardous materials inventory.
  • Data analysis pertinent to potential exposures.
  • Health risk assessments.
  • Development of risk communication programs.
  • Development of appropriate response actions.
  • Preparation of remedial specifications for bids.
  • Monitoring/oversight of abatement activities.
  • Provision of industrial hygiene services.
  • Assistance with permit applications.
  • Clearance testing.