Ted Myatt to Present at the Research Integrity Symposium

May 10 – 11, 2018

Portland, ME

Ted Myatt will co-present a preconference workshop and technical session at the Maine Regulatory Training and Ethics Center Research Integrity Symposium (RIS). This event gathers research regulatory compliance professionals, researchers and professors from across the US who understand and navigate regulations impacting today’s business and academic institutions.

Preconference Workshop

ABC’s for IACUCs & IBCs: Frameworks for Compliance

This workshop gives a detailed overview of the laws, regulations and policies that govern the work of these two important oversight committees. Presentations are intermingled with team exercises and sample protocols.

Technical Session

Inspection Ready? Collaboration is the Key

Institutional investment in a culture of collaboration among all stakeholders in animal research can yield significant gains in compliance, safety, and operational efficiency. Speakers will share their firsthand experience at employing best practices that enhance collaboration, from the intensive and time-sensitive preparation that goes into an external site visit, to more long-term initiatives that foster buy-in and encourage communication throughout the year.

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