MSHP Annual Meeting and Awards & Honors Banquet

May 8 – 9, 2017, Norwood, MA

Brigham and Women’s Hospital and EH&E will present a solution to improve the management of environmental monitoring in hospital pharmacies.

Hospital pharmacies require routine environmental sampling for USP compliance, and to ensure product quality and patient safety. BWH partnered with EH&E, implementing an innovative, web-based solution that standardizes and expedites the analysis and interpretation of the vast amount of environmental monitoring data associated with hospital pharmacies.

Key benefits of the solution:

  • Reduces the time for analysis to 7 days or less, rather than the typical 12-14 days. This translates to substantially earlier identification of potential issues.
  • Interpreting data is automated on a 24/7 basis, without pharmacy staff involvement. Pharmacy leadership is immediately notified via email and text alerts of any potential concerns.
  • Improves documentation and recordkeeping for greater quality assurance. Data is easily accessed for reporting, internal audits or regulatory inquiries.


To learn more, speak with the BWH and EH&E team at the MSHP Awards & Honors Banquet May 8th! They’ll be presenting their environmental monitoring solution during the poster session. Or you can stop by the EH&E booth.

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