Jessica Healey & AJ Troiano to Present at 2020 CDC International Symposium on Biosafety

Large or Small, the Challenges are the Same: 5 Key Areas Where Biosafety Programs Break Down

Jessica Healey and AJ Troiano will teach a preconference course at the 2020 CDC International Symposium on Biosafety.

According to a recent analysis conducted by EH&E, institutions of all sizes and types wrestle with the same challenges when it comes to ensuring an effective biosafety program. The common challenges fall outside the realm of basic compliance but are elements that are vital to making a biosafety program really work and to ensuring safety.

Participants will learn the five key areas where biosafety programs fall short and strategies to correct these problems that can be implemented by any size institution. Many biosafety program managers and directors struggle with limited resources, so it is important to know where to put those resources and how to best use them.

CDC International Symposium on Biosafety

February 29 – March 4, 2020

Atlanta, GA

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