EH&E to Present at ASSP Technical Meeting – January 9, 2019

January 9, 2019

5:00 – 9:00 PM

EH&E Headquarters, Newton, MA

Open to members and non-members!

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The Impact of Asbestos in Soil on Construction Projects

In 2014 the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) introduced the Non-Traditional Asbestos Work Plan (NT Plan). An NT Plan is required whenever asbestos abatement activities, such as dealing with asbestos in soil, cannot be performed in accordance with prescriptive requirements for “traditional” asbestos abatement. The NT Plan must be specific to the site and must also be approved by the MassDEP.

This session will detail the key elements of an NT Plan and the site-specific factors that will have the biggest impact on the plan. Case studies will be shared to illustrate development of the NT Plan, typical asbestos control measures, effective air monitoring programs and how to respond in the event of an exceedance.

William Wade, CIH, Senior Scientist, EH&E
Lauren Arcement, Staff Scientist, EH&E


A Control Banding Approach to Manage Laboratory Safety Risks

Laboratories present unique health and safety challenges because of the diversity of hazards and evolving interests that are common to research. This presentation will explain how laboratory safety risk is characterized using the control banding process and the consequence-likelihood approach to characterize risk. Using this approach labs are assigned a “safety score”. The safety scores are used to identify labs that may benefit from targeted advising, training, and other means of risk management, as well as to track improvement in an organization’s lab safety indicators over time.

Melíssa Rodríguez-Vodak, MPH, Staff Scientist and Data Analyst, EH&E
David MacIntosh, ScD, CIH, Director of Advanced Analytics, EH&E