Bryan Connors to Present at NEHES Fall Conference 2017

Joint Commission: Insight into the Top Cited Elements of Performance and SAFER Scoring

September 25, 2017

From the new “See it Cite it”, which ends decades long scoring protection from the Statement of Conditions process, to a renewed focus on ligature risks in behavioral health setting, significant change has come to the Joint Commission. Annually the Joint Commission ranks the top 10 most cited standards but doesn’t reveal the deficiency at the Element of Performance (EP) level. Bryan will shed light on the specific deficiencies behind the most commonly cited standards within the Environment of Care (EC) and Life Safety (LS), and where they are typically scored on the new SAFER matrix.

In 2017 EH&E conducted, and analyzed the results of, nearly 50 EC and LS mock surveys and a half dozen Joint Commission surveys, under the SAFER matrix methodology. This unique data set serves as the foundation for this session. Bryan will reveal the findings of EH&E’s analysis to help facility managers better focus their resources for greater compliance and safety at their institution.

New England Healthcare Engineers’ Society (NEHES) Fall Conference
September 24, – 27, 2017
Burlington, VT

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