Expertise in Engineering, Environmental, and Health and Safety Consulting

From hospitals and laboratories to universities and industrial facilities EH&E delivers expert insight throughout several key markets.

With 30 years’ experience in each of these markets, we have intimate knowledge of their facilities and business operations. We offer a broad spectrum of professional disciplines under one roof making us the go-to consultants for all their environmental, safety and engineering needs.

  • Healthcare: These are dynamic, complex environments that come with their own unique requirements. EH&E knows how to structure facility management and compliance programs for optimal performance to minimize liability, maximize resources and improve patient outcomes.
  • Life Sciences: Keeping pace with rapidly evolving science and technology is possible with our design, engineering and safety expertise.  EH&E can help prevent disruption to vital operations and research – and keep your workers and the surrounding community safe.
  • Higher Education: Campuses require management of multiple buildings with varying uses such as dormitories, cafeterias and laboratories. EH&E helps colleges and universities streamline their health and safety and facility management programs across buildings to protect students and the community and improve building performance and energy savings.
  • Commercial: EH&E provides organizations with the expert guidance and data needed to make informed business decisions whether it be purchasing a new property or redeveloping an existing one. Additionally, we ensure your business is a healthy, efficient work environment that cannot limit your operation’s potential.

Explore the various services we offer or learn more about our firm. To contact us, call 1-800-825-5343.