Paul Chiampa to Present at 2021 I2SL Annual Conference, September 28

Why Even Diligent Building Maintenance Benefits from Recommissioning

Paul Chiampa
September 28, 8:30-10:00 AM EDT

Even if HVAC systems were properly commissioned when built and diligently maintained, system degradation is inevitable. In the lab environment this not only creates the potential for significant waste in energy consumption, it can also present serious safety issues. This is why recommissioning is essential and should be part of preventive maintenance plans.

A 414,000 square foot, multi-tenant facility, comprised of 75% of laboratory space will serve as a model to demonstrate the recommissioning process and how it supports maintenance programs, energy reduction and safety. The case study will teach participants:

  • How even with diligent maintenance degradation of system performance occurs due to facilities staff turnover, system alterations and modifications of controls.
  • The common issues frequently identified during recommissioning of labs that if left unaddressed can present performance and safety issues.
  • How to execute recommissioning in challenging lab environments.

2021 I2SL Annual Conference

September 26 – 29, 2021
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