Jessica Healey and Jennifer Bosselman to Speak at the NEBSA Biosafety Symposium, October 27

New Equipment in the Lab: Conducting the Risk Assessment and Identification of Controls

Jessica Healey, M.S, R.B.P., C.B.S.P., S.M. (N.R.C.M.)
Principal Consultant, Life Sciences

Jennifer Bosselman, M.S.,
Senior Scientist, Life Sciences

Laboratories are implementing new equipment at a greater frequency to help meet the ever-increasing demand for research and testing. While it is well known that assessing risk associated with equipment is essential, some aspects of the process present challenges. Those tasked with performing the risk assessment are often knowledgeable of chemical and biological risks, but less skilled at identifying the wide range of other risk types associated with new equipment. These risks include those related to point of use, radiation, liquids and gasses under pressure, and other hazardous materials. Additionally, numerous details such as physical requirements (electrical, space, doors, ventilation, drainage, containment, water supply) need to be considered, some even before purchasing equipment, making strong communication with the facilities group vital.

This session will walk participants through a comprehensive methodology to identify the hazards associated with a new piece of equipment and determine how to reduce or eliminate the risk of exposure to these hazards through the use of controls.

NEBSA Biosafety Symposium 2022

October 27, 2022
Cambridge, MA
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