Bryan Connors and Erin Higgins to Speak at the 2021 ASHE Annual Conference, August 8 – 11

Successful Model for Infection Pathway Assessment: Pandemic and Future Uses

Bryan Connors
August 9, 9:45 AM CDT

Hear about two COVID-19 pandemic case studies that demonstrate both sides of the coin –preventing the spread of the virus and investigating an outbreak. The first case study involves a hospital’s rapid preparation for COVID-19 patients and how a process, known as tracer gas testing, was used to verify that HVAC systems were properly configured to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2. The second case study demonstrates how tracer gas testing was quickly undertaken to successfully investigate and identify the pathway of a COVID-19 outbreak in a hospital.

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Improper Pressurization, Ventilation and Humidity; Understanding Infection Pathways and Prevention

Erin Higgins
August 10, 2:00 PM CDT

Without effective monitoring programs for these parameters hospitals and facility managers are at risk of not knowing a problem exists until something drastic occurs such as a spike in infections. Case studies of infection investigations will be examined to demonstrate important lessons including:

  • How the cause of infection was identified in each of the cases and how it was validated.
  • Steps taken to verify that the source and/or pathway of infection was addressed, a critical step in re-establishing confidence in the hospital.
  • How the infections could have been prevented through preventive maintenance and monitoring.

2021 ASHE Annual Conference

August 8 – 11
Nashville, TN
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