Environmental Data Automation System

Maintaining sterile conditions in a hospital pharmacy means complying with many regulatory requirements and reviewing piles of environmental monitoring data. Keeping up with the large volume of environmental monitoring data is an especially large hurdle for hospitals with multiple pharmacies and large hospital pharmacy systems. EH&E’s automated environmental monitoring system can take this burden off pharmacy staff. Our innovative, proven solution:

  • Automatically uploads environmental monitoring results and processes the data into meaningful, actionable information. Know when investigation into a potential contamination source and corrective actions are warranted.
  • Standardizes sampling protocols.
  • Rapidly and clearly displays the data needed to inform critical, time sensitive decisions.
  • Ability to trend data over time to provide insights into how to improve your program and alerting you to a potential issue so it can quickly be fixed before it presents a risk.
  • Sends email alerts when pathogenic organisms are detected, or levels exceed USP compliance action limits.

Take control of environmental monitoring in your hospital’s pharmacy cleanrooms. Contact us today to schedule a demo!