Automation, Analytics and Expert Guidance for Program Improvement

Health and safety operations in healthcare requires the collection, processing and management of large amounts of information from the many related safety and compliance tasks. Increasingly hospitals are finding great benefit in consolidating and analyzing multiple streams of safety data for the obvious efficiencies it provides, but also to target opportunities for significant program improvement. EH&E offers an Environment of Care information management service designed to do exactly that.

Our information management service includes applications for environmental tours, pre-construction risk assessment, laboratory inspections, and waste accumulation areas. The service consists of a cloud-based platform for automating data collection and documentation combined with expert analysis and guidance from EH&E’s team of experienced professionals who specialize in Environment of Care program management and compliance.

Key Automation Features:

  • Secure, cloud-based data management.
  • Standardized inspection tools and data accessed via a tablet or other mobile device.
  • Photos integrated with inspection findings.
  • App-based audit forms that work even when not connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Automated data processing, documentation of findings and corrective actions, and reporting.
  • Recommended corrective actions to aid responses to reportable conditions.
  • Automated reminders of scheduled and time-sensitive activities.
  • Standardized analyses that detail deficiencies by type of finding, department, and trends over time.
  • Reporting dashboards for managers.
Expert Insight into Program Performance

The critical component of our data management service is the feedback loop supported by data analysis and our expert advice. The feedback loop follows the “Plan-Do-Study-Act” cycle, a proven, four-step process for continual program improvement. At regular intervals throughout the year, EH&E analyzes the data to identify temporal trends, location-based patterns, and comparisons to program benchmarks to provide valuable insight into your program performance.

Additional program benefits:

  • Improved safety and compliance resulting from complete documentation of findings and corrective actions.
  • Focus valuable personnel on key program initiatives by eliminating the time-consuming task of processing large amounts of data.
  • Standardized, rapid reporting of program performance metrics.
  • Ability to target higher-hazard areas over time and across locations to improve safety and minimize liability.
  • Dedicated channel of Environment of Care related communication among safety staff, departments and administrators.
  • Track safety related to the Environment of Care throughout your hospital, identify trends, and make needed improvements.