Bryan Connors and Andy Machado to Present at the ASHE Annual Conference, July 2022

Water sampling has identified Legionella. Now what?

Bryan Connors, M.S., C.I.H., HEM

Managing Principal Consultant, Healthcare

Properly interpreting Legionella water sampling data is essential for facility management professionals to make informed decisions to manage risks and identify targeted, effective mitigation measures. It is important to know when water sampling data indicates 1) an expected and acceptable level of Legionella, 2) that additional surveillance is warranted but not cause for alarm, or 3) that a problem is present and further investigation and mitigation measures are necessary. Knowledge gaps in this area commonly result in an overreaction to the detection of Legionella; or, in the event of a real problem not taking the right steps to target the source and implement an effective resolution. To arm facility management professionals with the knowledge needed to avoid these and other common mistakes this session will cover:

Healthcare and Climate: What’s Coming and Strategic Planning

Andrew Machado, P.E., CEM

Senior Engineer, Commissioning

Confronting climate change is a crucial issue for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ambitious goals and benchmarks are being rapidly adopted by organizations worldwide. Challenging state and municipal regulations pertaining to energy and emissions are evolving and rolling out almost daily. This session will review the dynamic energy and emissions landscape, discussing the implications for your facility and walking through tactics to thrive in the face of these steep, critical challenges.

2022 ASHE Annual Conference

July 17-20, 2022

Boston, MA

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