New Construction Commissioning: Optimal Performance from Day One

At EH&E we help owners realize their first cost investment from day one. Commissioning isn’t merely an end of construction test. Conducted by an independent, third-party, it is a careful process of review, verification and documentation to validate that all building systems and components are designed, installed and performing optimally and according to owner requirements. System performance directly impacts occupant comfort, maintenance frequency, equipment life and energy usage.

To avoid expensive construction delays, EH&E’s commissioning team uses an “inchstone management” approach to commissioning. Key indicators, called inchstones because they are tasks within the existing construction milestones, are selected and tracked. These inchstones indicate both the completion of one task, and signal the start of the next step in the construction process. Monitoring these inchstones greatly improves scheduling by alerting the team in advance to problems and potential delays.

EH&E’s vast experience in building investigations brings additional value to the commissioning process. We’ve literally seen hundreds of buildings and we know why systems fail and the problems that occur after building occupancy. Our commissioning engineers evaluate the complete life cycle of the building and help owners avoid costly, future problems.