Recommissioning Your Building for Peak Performance

‘Recommissioning’ and ‘retrocommissioning’ are often used interchangeably for existing buildings, but generally recommissioning infers a previous commissioning effort, while retrocommissioning applies to building systems that were not previously commissioned. Every building undergoes changes over time. Spaces are repurposed, interior structures are modified, people and departments are moved around. All these changes can negatively impact building performance, resulting in higher energy and maintenance costs and decreased equipment life.

Recommissioning provides a complete picture of your facility’s true performance, uncovering costly hidden issues. A study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, PECI, and the Energy Systems Laboratory at Texas A&M University found that recommissioning can result in energy savings between 5% and 20%.

EH&E’s commissioning engineers will fine-tune your building to restore it to peak performance for energy savings and long-term, sustainable operations. Our team is experienced in recommissioning all types of buildings including the most sensitive environments such as hospitals, laboratories, and data centers. We can tune-up your building systems without disrupting your staff and sensitive operations.